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Our company's history traces back two generations, initiated by our late father, Hamad Suhail Al Ketbi, who initiated the introduction of exquisite international jewellery started bringing international brands to Abu Dhabi market. His profound appreciation for the artistry of handcrafted jewellery led him to establish an esteemed atelier, dedicated to crafting bespoke pieces of the upmost quality.
Driven by his ambitious pursuit to procure the most exquisite gemstones and collaborate with skilled artisans, he built the foundation for Style Gallery. Today, our team of devoted jewelers continues the tradition of excellence, channelling their passion into creating exceptional pieces that reflect our commitment to craftsmanship and precision.
Our founder devoted his life to defining and reflecting the artistic beauty in each creation by Style Gallery and this heritage was taken forward by his daughter, Fatma. She began a new line for Style Gallery inspired by a younger audience and a new aesthetic. - This collection, named FHK by Style Gallery, embodies the elegance and grace of her father’s vision in a new, relevant style with influences from the heritage of the region.

Style Gallery is more than a house of fine jewellery, it is a brand that develops creative ideas and inspiration into artful collections and heirloom pieces of refined artistry that are nothing short of breathtaking. Beyond our collections available in our boutiques and our website, we offer a custom atelier service for clients that commission unique bespoke pieces and favour the experience of working with our artisans on a creative journey to create unparalleled pieces of art.

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